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The Gang 2009

                                                         Top: Billy.  Bottom: Amber, Treacle, Pepper, Fudge, Jessica, Abigail, Mimi



Nottus Cavalier King Charles Spaniels was founded in 1981 with the purchase of a Blenheim dog puppy as a pet. Scamp was taken to obedience training classes locally in Aberdeen (where I lived at the time) and had a particular passion for a German Shepherd who attended the same classes (sadly, her name escapes me now). This German Shepherd was going to an Exemption Show near Aviemore and Scamp and I were persuaded to go along to keep her and her owner company, and I got the showing bug from that day forward – having won 1st prize in Dog with the Waggiest Tail. Open Shows followed with limited success (but enough to keep me interested!).

In 1982 I bought a Tricolour bitch to keep Scamp company and Fearn came into my life for the next 15 years. Beautiful though Fearn was to me, she had an undershot jaw and slipping patellas, so she was never bred from and was spayed a year later.

In 1984 we saw the arrival of a Blenheim bitch (as Scamp had had to be put to sleep in the meantime) and 14˝ years of living with Hollie began. She had a high class pedigree but a low class heart so again she was never bred from.

Millhill Bonne Amie (Faye) aged 7˝, right, with her great grand-daughter Nottus Guinevere at Arkond aged about 11 months.

Robbie and Treacle

Third time lucky, in 1987, I was lucky enough to be allowed to purchase the lovely (and VERY healthy) Tricolour bitch, Millhill Bonne Amie, from Ellie Mordecai, and at last success in the show ring quickly followed both at Open and Championship shows. As an added bonus, Faye produced a litter by Ch Cherokee of Rossbonny at Delhaze from which I kept a Tricolour bitch, Nottus Naughty But Nice (Opal). That was Faye’s only litter.

All the present Nottus Cavaliers are descendants of these two long living bitches – Faye died at just short of 13 years old, still with a clear heart, and Opal died earlier this year at 15.

Robbie after winning Best of Breed

at Peterborough Open Show

Patsy at 10 months

By careful use of some lovely stud dogs from the Millhill line, and occasionally adding in other dogs of my choice from Delhaze, Gayhalo and Pamedna lines, we arrived in 2003 when at long last a Nottus Cavalier, owned by Mrs Lucy Dawson (a first time exhibitor), hit heights beyond my wildest dreams when Nottus Hooray Henry was awarded the CC and Best of Breed at Windsor Championship Show. In January 2005, Henry was also awarded his Show Certificate of Merit, a Kennel Club Award gained by wins at Open shows.

Four years on, Nottus Need a Hero ("Fudge") joined the ranks of Nottus dogs with entries in the Kennel Club Stud Book by gaining his Junior Warrant at 17 months old.

Henry on the day he won the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed at Windsor Championship Show

Fudge shortly before he gained his Junior Warrant in November 2007

Follow the development of these lovely Blenheim dogs and the rest of the family from my original brood bitch through the pedigrees and photographs on this website (kindly designed for me by Lucy and Stephen Dawson).

Robbie at 6 months with his proud owner, after winning Best of Breed and Best Puppy at East Midlands Open Show at 6˝ months

Amber with Nickie at the Suffolk Association Open Show in 2003

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